Vive la Difference

BrainsDr Fritz Heckler – Relationship Shrink deals scientifically with one of the most important relationship issues around:

The differences between how men and women think….. and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage.

There is no doubt; women and men think differently.  Understanding that difference can lead to happier more fulfilled relationships and a longer life.


  • How to understand the opposite sex and their thinking strategies
  • Why men think of nothing and women remember everything.
  • What common words really mean and just how dangerous your language can be
  • Why women want to talk about problems and men want to fix them
  • Why men can’t see things right in front of their eyes
  • How to get a man to do anything you want

Having studied human behaviour for 45 years and been married 5 times Dr Heckler wants to share his exciting discoveries with you.

This is not a seminar for women only but can be a great motivator for men also.  If you don’t learn anything you will at least come away knowing how to avoid premature demise.