Having trouble not shaking hands?
Get a S.H.A.G. Shaking Hands Allowance Glove
Dr Fritz Heckler’s answer to social acceptance

The time honoured tradition of shaking hands has come under scrutiny because of the Covid 19 pandemic. We are advised to cease this tradition for the sake of public health. Given the gregarious nature of Aussies this is a hard habit to break. Now you don’t need to. Just have a SHAG handy when ever you are inclined to offer your hand and shake with confidence.

From the brilliant mind of Dr Fritz Heckler comes the solution (once again)

The S.H.A.G. is a simple rubberise glove with embedded stainless steel spikes. When engaging with another person also wearing a S.H.A.G. the two units will temporarily lock together and allow a good firm exchange of shaking. Thus establishing a strong connection and bond as intended by the tradition.

When engaging in a handshake with a person not wearing a similar device the spikes will tear shreds in their skin thus providing a valuable lesson in wearing protection and dissuading them from trying that again without a S.H.A.G. It will also boost sales of S.H.A.G. as you can appreciate. Positive results all around.

When the whole world has purchased a S.H.A.G. we will be back to the time honoured tradition of welcoming others with a hearty hand shake.

Comes in two sizes ladies and mens. Right hand only.

Available in 3 colours Hi-viz orange, Blood red and Ranine green.

Good protection against sharks when swimming.

Only sold to people with arms a minimum of 1.5 metres long.

Also acts as a deterrent from touching your face.

Can be combined with Dr Fritz’s PISD (Pneumatically Initiated Social Distancing) to provide maximum protection.

Note: A hearty slap on the back is not recommended whilst wearing a S.H.A.G..