Obsessed about hand washing?
Get M.A.D.D. Mobile Antiseptic Delivery Device
Dr Fritz Heckler’s answer to hygiene

One of the best protections against Covid 19 is avoiding infected surfaces and cleaning ones hands regularly. But you don’t always have access to washing equipment and may not even know the words to happy birthday.

What is needed is an unobtrusive cleansing system that is at hand 100% of the time and easy to carry.

From the brilliant mind of Dr Fritz Heckler comes the solution (once again)

M.A.D.D. is a simple device that is worn under the clothing made of soft-sided fillable bag with a long flexible tube topped off with a pressure release value. With a simple squeeze of the arm a sufficient amount of sanitiser is fed onto the palm of the hand. Using alcohol based sanitiser eliminates the need for a towel. You can be confident that your hands are 99% germ free until you touch another possibly infected surface. Simply repeat the process as often as required, and stop touching things.

Think of a colostomy bag in reverse.

Adjustable – tube can be cut to length of arm Doubles as a buoyancy device when swimming (make sure to empty it first and blow down the tube). Comes in Ranine green. Comes with a years supply of Dr Fritz Hand Sanitiser. We do not guarantee this product of used with any other hand sanitisers (especially the good ones). Can be used while wearing a Dr Fritz F.A.R.T. (Face Avoidance Ratchet Tool) and/or a Dr Fritz P.I.S.D. (Pneumatically Initiated Social Distancing). If you are using a Dr Fritz S.H.A.G.(Shaking Hands Allowance Glove) we suggest you wear the M.A.D.D. on the right arm to avoid puncturing the bag and getting an armpit full of 69% alcohol which could sting a little. Can also be filled with drinks and used as a Mobile Alcohol Drink Dispenser as long as you don’t cut the tube too short.