Dr Fritz Heckler’s answer to Coronavirus

The main method of transmission of Covid 19 is touching your face after coming into contact with a surface that contains the virus in droplets.

The average person touches their face 90 times per day mostly without being aware of it.

A well-fitted mask can reduce the touching of the face but masks are not 100% safe and they make you look stupid.

The solution? Dr. Fritz Hecklers Face Avoidance Ratchet Tool.

Once installed the wearer is unable to bend their elbow to more than 90 degrees making it impossible to touch the face.



Eliminates the need to wear an ugly mask thus making you look cool calm and collected.

Ambidextrous – can be worn on either arm or both.

Can be locked at 90 degrees so you can read a book without efffort

Made of non rust components so you can swim with it

Can be worn discretely under clothing or over clothing as a status symbol

Comes in magenta, puce or Ranine green

Can be combined with Dr Fritz’s spike glove to discourage handshaking.