Dr Fritz Heckler is an Associate Professor with the Cognitive Science Section of the Department of Psychology at Graz University in Austria.  His work has included considerable advances in the understanding of the Gravesian theory of the emergent cyclical double helix model of adult human bio-psycho-social behavior.

Currently on sabbatical from his university duties he is travelling in Australia and New Zealand while he continues his studies into human behavior.

Dr. Fritz is currently proceeding with field trials of a breakthrough technology called Sub-cranial Hypothalamic Integration Therapy.  This process is not unlike D.B.S. (Deep Brain Stimulation) which uses pressure points on the head to remove unproductive habits and embed new abilities.

Also currently under development is the Cranial Resonance Amplification Postulater which is a wearable device that, when placed on a subjects head, has the effect of identifying and translating brain waves into actual text which is displayed on the front of the machine.  There is often a disconnect between what a person thinks and what they say.  With this machine these anomalies disappear and the ‘real’ thoughts are revealed.